Practical intelligence vs. Analytical intelligence

This is the post excerpt.

In the book, The Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell briefly highlights Robert Sternberg’s idea and concept behind practical intelligence versus analytical intelligence. Gladwell elaborates on his concepts by telling the story of two similar but very different men.

Both men were highly intelligent and accepted into studious universities, but this story shows a struggle of more than just IQ based knowledge and training. Both men were set up for success but both of them did not necessarily continue to succeed.  One man went on to get obtain his doctorate in physics, while the other barely made it past his first semester in college. Gladwell later further goes into explaining what the 2 intelligence are and what leads up to you having the ability to use to properly.

Practical intelligence is knowing what to say to whom, when to say it, and how to say it, to get what you want. It is the ability to use prior knowledge and skill to modify, adapt, or select different environment to complete goals. Practical intelligence is not one that can be taught but one that is like common sense.

Versus analytical intelligence, which is the ability to complete academic tasks and solve problems efficiently. Sternberg believes that Analytical Intelligence (Academic problem-solving skills) is based on the joint operations of met components and performance components and knowledge acquisition components of intelligence. Analytical intelligence can be taught unlike practical intelligence. This intelligence is the most closely directed to your “IQ”

Malcolm Gladwell, the author is The Outliers, is correct in his argument over distinguishing the differences between practical and analytical intelligence and their importance. My goal in this blog is to go through and explain practical versus analytical intelligence. There is a distinct difference between the two in many ways. I will go further into the detail of each intelligence and why their role is important.


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